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Volume 81 - 2018 - Fasc.1 - Clinical images

A severe case of ulcerative esophagitis in an immunocompetent host

A 19-year old woman presented to the emergency department of our hospital with a four-day history of severe epigastric pain without nausea, vomiting of postprandial symptom exacerbation. She had no relevant past medical history. Two days later she developed painful oral aphtosis, severe odynophagia and fever. Her general practitioner prescribed pain medication and proton pump inhibitors. However, the fever persisted and her pain increased to debilitating levels.


A rare and dangerous cause of dysphagia

The authors present an uncommon case of dysphagia aortica caused by a contained rupture of the descending thoracic aortic aneurysm presenting with dysphagia and atypical retrosternal pain with back radiation successfully treated with endovascular treatment. Although the condition is rare, dysphagia aortica should be suspected in case of dysphagia associated with atypical retrosternal pain or back radiation in a patient with advanced age, short stature and cardiovascular comorbidities. Imaging evaluation should be considered previously to pathology characterization in atypical esophageal ulcers, especially in patients with risk factors for this condition.