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Volume 62 - 1999 - Fasc.4 - Case reports

A rare cause of biliary pain in Belgium

Ascaris lumbricoides is the most frequent human helminthic parasite. Usually human ascariasis is poorly symptomatic but complications can arise due to worm migration. Erratic worm migration into the biliary tree is a rare but threatening condition regarding the associated complications : cholecystitis, pancreatitis, obstruction of bile ducts, liver abcesses and recurrent pyogenic cholangitis. We describe a case of a young Belgian women suffering from recurrent biliary colics over a period of eight months with repeated normal ultrasound findings. ERCP proved being the only effective diagnostic procedure for a living biliary worm, which was successfully removed with a balloon catheter.


Diffuse liver angiosarcoma and cerebral cavernous angiomas in a young patient

A case of a thirty-nine year old woman with cerebral cavernous angiomas who developed anaeniia and thrombocytopenia secondary to diffuse liver angiosarcoma is reported. This unique association of liver angiosarcoma and cerebral cavernous angiomas may suggest that this tumour may potentially develop from benign vascular lesions. Hematologic abnormalities in angiosarcomas are moreover reviewed based on recent literature search.