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Volume 74 - 2011 - Fasc.2 - Case series

IL28B polymorphism and the control of hepatitis C virus infection : ready for clinical use ?

Polymorphisms in the region of the interleukin-28B (IL28B) gene have recently been associated with spontaneous and treatment induced clearance of hepatitis C virus infection. The specific mechanisms of how IL28B polymorphisms affect HCV suppression remain unknown. It is a matter of ongoing debate how to incorpo- rate the IL28B data into the current treatment algorithms with pegylated interferon-alpha and ribavirin. The eventual role of the IL28B genotype in new therapeutic regimes with direct antiviral agents needs to be explored in the ongoing and future clinical studies with these agents. (Acta gastroenterol. belg., 2011, 74, 317- 322).