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Volume 83 - 2020 - Fasc.1 - Editorial

From the editor’s desk…

Eighty-seven years ago, in 1933, our first national gastroenterology Journal “Le Journal Belge de Gastro- Entérologie” was founded thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of its pioneer Editor-in-Chief Georges Brohée (1). After the war, the Journal was relaunched under its current name “Acta Gastro-Enterologica Belgica” (1). In 2020, this is now the eighty-third volume of Acta Gastro-Enterologica Belgica which is still our leading national Journal in gastroenterology, hepatology, clinical nutrition and digestive oncology. Today, it is even more the case as all scientific Belgian societies (listed on the back cover) implicated in our Journal reinforce their collaboration and their support to the Journal, mainly by keeping active Associate Editors in our editorial team but also by supporting us in the printing expenses of the editions and the editorial office’s administrative management costs.