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Volume 83 - 2020 - Fasc.4 - Case reports

Esophageal stent migration leading to distal small bowel perforation

Covered oesophageal stents are often used to treat dysphagia in patients with inoperable oesophageal cancer. Stent migration is a well-known but usually benign complication. We report the case of a patient whose esophageal stent migrated into the distal ileum with perforation hereof. A laparoscopic stent extraction and intestinal repair was necessary to treat the perforation. (Acta gastroenterol. belg., 2020, 83, 663-665).


Mesenteric panniculitis as a presentation of Whipple’s disease: case report and review of the literature

Background : Whipple’s disease is a rare, multi-organ disease caused by Tropheryma Whipplei. A classic presentation is characterized by arthropathy, diarrhea and weight loss but a broad spectrum of manifestations is possible. We present a case of a patient with mesenteric panniculitis as a manifestation of WD. A comprehensive review of the literature is provided. Patient : A 50 year old male presented at the outpatient clinic after an episode of fever and abdominal pain abroad. CT scan showed mesenteric infiltration with associated lymphadenopathies consistent with mesenteric panniculitis. After receiving 6 months of antibiotic therapy abdominal and joint pains improved. Conclusion : Clinicians should be aware of Whipple’s disease. Mesenteric panniculitis is a rare presentation of this possible lethal infection. The golden standard for diagnosing WD is a PAS positive small bowel biopsy. Adequate antibiotic therapy is the cornerstone of treatment and usually leads to an amelioration of symptoms. (Acta gastroenterol. belg., 2020, 83, 666-668).