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Volume 84 - 2021 - Fasc.2 - Expert Point of View

Innovations in liver transplantation in 2020, position of the Belgian Liver Intestine Advisory Committee (BeLIAC)

Liver transplantation (LT) remains the only curative option for patients suffering from end-stage liver disease, acute liver failure and selected hepatocellular carcinomas and access to the LT-waiting list is limited to certain strict indications. However, LT has shown survival advantages for patients in certain indications such as acute alcoholic hepatitis, hepatocellular carcinoma outside Milan criteria and colorectal cancer metastases. These newer indications increase the pressure in an already difficult context of organ shortage. Strategies to increase the transplantable organ pool are therefore needed. We will discuss here the use of HCV positive grafts as the use of normothermic isolated liver perfusion. Belgian Liver Intestine Advisory Committee (BeLIAC) from the Belgian Transplant Society (BTS) aims to guarantee the balance between the new indications and the available resources.