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Volume 86 - 2023 - Fasc.3 - Editorial


In this issue several important original papers as well as extensive reviews can be highlighted. The management of pelvic abscesses is usually challenging and the drainage is mandatory to avoid pelvis sepsis. Recently, minimally invasive techniques, including endoscopic ultrasound- guided transrectal drainage have been associated with a high success rates and good safety results (1). Peeters et all retrospectively analysed 17 patients with pelvic abscess and demonstrated a success rate of the technique of 100% defined by a resolution of the abscess. The full details of the technique are described in the original manuscript. In the hepatic section, since the picture of cirrhosis has changed in the last 2 decades with more metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver diseases (2), Kaze et al aimed to assess whether the epidemiological and the clinical course of hepatocellular carcinoma had also changed over the last 25 years. By comparing two cohorts respectively before and after 2005 no major epidemiological changes were found except a higher rate of Alcohol-related HCC in the old cohort compared to the recent cohort. Metabolic dysfunction was similar with 10% in all groups. The review section includes three interesting.