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Long-term outcome after endoscopic ligation of acute esophageal variceal bleeding in patients with liver cirrhosis

Journal Volume 83 - 2020
Issue Fasc.3 - Original articles
Author(s) A.A. Salman 1, H. E.-D. Shaaban 2, M. Atallah 2, M. Yousef 3, R. A. Ahmed 1, O. Ashoush 1, M. Tourky 4, M. A Nafea 5, M.H. Elshafey 5, M. El-Ghobary 1
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PAGES 373-380
(1) Internal Medicine Department, Faculty of medicine, Cairo University, 11311 Cairo, Egypt
(2) National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine Research Institute
(3) Tropical Medicine Department, Faculty of medicine, Cairo University, Egypt ;
(4) General surgery senior registrar, Alawi Tunsi, Saudi Arabia
(5) General Surgery Department, Faculty of medicine, Al-Azhar University, Egypt.

Endoscopic variceal ligation (EVL) has been the standard treatment for acute variceal bleeding (AVB). However, reports of long-term prognosis after EVL are scarce. Therefore, the current work aimed to investigate the long-term outcome and prognostic modifiers of cirrhotic cases presented with acute esophageal variceal bleeding and managed with EVL. The current prospective work comprised primarily 276 consecutive grown-up cirrhotic cases presenting with AVB and managed with EVL. Two-hundred patients who completed the study till death or 3-year follow-up were enrolled in final analysis. The primary outcome measure was occurrence of rebleeding and all-cause mortality.

Keywords: endoscopic ligation, variceal bleeding, liver cirrhosis.

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PMID 33094582