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Current issue

Journal Volume 86 - 2023
Issue Fasc. 1, January - March
Articles 18


Essential reading from the editor’s desk T. Vanuytsel, C. Reenaers

Original articles

Endoscopic management of buried bumper syndrome using the Balloon Dilation Pull (BDP) technique: a multicenter analysis M. Maly, M. Bronswijk, P. Christiaens, C. Snauwaert

Driving performance of outpatients achieving discharge criteria after deep sedation is worse than these of their escort-driver: a prospective observational study on simulator F.J. Lois, Q. Massart, D.O. Warner, C. Malengreaux, M. Knops, A.S. Nyssen, J.F. Brichant, C.O. Hallet

Epidemiological characteristics of a population visiting a patient-centered informative website about irritable bowel syndrome K. Van Malderen, J.G. De Man, B.Y. De Winter, H.U. De Schepper

Endoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary drainage for distal malignant biliary obstruction: a prospective 3-year multicenter Egyptian study K.M. Ragab, M. Abdel-Hameed, M. Gouda, H. Katamish, A. Madkour, H. Atalla, H. Hamed, G.E. Shiha, O. Abdallah, R.H. Agwa, E. Ghoneem


Colorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection: a review on patient selection and indications M. Bronswijk, G. Rasschaert, Y. Hayashi, H. Yamamoto

Neuromodulating agents in functional dyspepsia: a comprehensive review L. Bosman, L. Wauters, T. Vanuytsel

Secondary anal fissures: a pain in the a** H. Ruymbeke, J. Geldof, D. De Looze, M.A. Denis, H. De Schepper, P. Dewint, I. Gijsen, M. Surmont, J. Wyndaele, P. Roelandt

Georges Brohée Prize

Novel insights in the pathophysiology and management of functional dyspepsia T. Vanuytsel


Belgian consensus for Helicobacter pylori management 2023 R. Garcés-Duran, S. Kindt, K. Kotilea, S. François, G. Rasschaert, A. Smet, B. Hauser, A. Driessen, M. Nkuize, A. Burette, V. Lamy, P. Bontems, H. Louis, R. Ntounda, V.Y. Miendje Deyi, F. Mana

Case reports

The pitfalls of 68Ga-DOTATATE Imaging. A case report V.A. D’Cruz, S. Libbrecht, A. Hoorens, K. De Man, G.H. van Ramshorst, K.P. Geboes

Olmesartan induced enteropathy affecting the entire gastrointestinal tract: a case report N. Van Horebeek, R. Croes, A. Vonck, E. Colpaert

A curious presentation of Crohn’s disease with pulmonary involvement: a case report S. Haenen, B. Verstockt, M. Ferrante, S. Vermeire, J. Sabino

Olmesartan induced weight loss and small vessel vasculitis E. Vanbelleghem, T. Taelman, J. Werbrouck, L. Libbrecht, F. D’Heygere


Metabolic steatosis: recent scientific data also support a change in nomenclature N. Lanthier, M.J. Armstrong

Clinical images

A 43-year-old male with acute right upper quadrant pain and skin rash F. Ufuk, A.R. Utebey, S. Yilmaz

A case of duodenal malignancy or something else? D. Ramos, M. Pereira, A. Caldeira, A. Banhudo