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Current issue

Journal Volume 87 - 2024
Issue Fasc. 1, January - March
Articles 13

Original articles

Comparative outcome of single versus two double-pigtail stents for endoscopic drainage of pancreatic fluid collections with minimal necrosis: a retrospective analysis S. Giri, S. Bhrugumalla, S. Gangadhar, S. Angadi

Peroral endoscopic myotomy: a two-center retrospective study of practice and adverse events C. Van Severen, S. Koch, J. Faure, M. Poncin, J-P. Loly


Efficacy of mast cell directed therapies in irritable bowel syndrome: a systematic review D. Coppens, M. Kips, T. Stiévenard, C. Mertens, H. De Schepper

Expert Point of View

Position statement on how can we can implement the Greendeal in our gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal endoscopy department in Belgium M. Aerts, H. Reynaert, P. Roelandt, P. Caenepeel, P. Dewint, A. Lemmers, I. Colle

Case series

Microscopic colitis related to food supplement containing turmeric: a review of 3 cases L. Ponselet, J-M. Ghilain, M. Schapira

Case reports

STEC colitis mimicking acute severe colitis with life-threatening consequences: a case report T. Hendrickx, M. Peetermans, A. D’Hoore, K. Claes, A. Van Hootegem, J. Sabino

Stauffer syndrome : a rare paraneoplastic complication of renal cell carcinoma to be kept in mind. Case report and literature survey M. Deliège, B. Bastens, G. Matus, N. Blétard, G. Houbiers, A. Courtois, C. Focan

Acute grade IV toxic hepatitis due to the e-cigarette G. Van Roey, W. Goos, C. Claessens, A. Hoorens, W. Verlinden, J. Schouten

Fulminant ectopic Cushing’s syndrome caused by metastatic small intestine neuroendocrine tumour – a case report and review of the literature B. Alliet, C. Severi, T. Veekmans, J. Cuypers, H. Topal, C. M. Deroose, T. Roskams , M. Bex, J. Dekervel


Nitinol guidewire fragmentation using the OTSC extractor device: an innovative approach for an ERCP complication F. Vara-Luiz, G. Nunes, I. Mendes, C. Oliveira, J. Veloso, J. Fonseca

Clinical images

A lower gastrointestinal bleeding in a haemodialysis patient as a potential precursor of small bowel ischaemia K. Ferdinande, D. Tate, D. De Looze

Out of place, not out of mind B. Weicker, H. Colin, P. Baldin, T.G. Moreels