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Journal Volume 83 - 2020
Issue Fasc. 4, October - December
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Metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease: a new clearer nomenclature with positive diagnostic criteria N. Lanthier, T. Vanuytsel

Original articles

Celiac disease and COVID-19 pandemic : should we worry? Y. Gokden, S. Hot, M. Adas, D. Ogutmen Koc, S. Atak, A.B. Hot

Effect of appetite-conditioned reflex stimulation on early enteral nutrition tolerance after surgery Y.-B Sun, Y.-L. Li, W.-M. Li, D.-L. Sun, S.-M. Li, Q.-W. Xu, Y.-J. Li, Y.-Y. Lin, Y.-Y. Cen, P.-Y. Xu

The efficacy of a simple single-paged visual illustration on anxiety during pediatric gastroscopy : a randomized clinical trial S. Cam

Impact of prior different abdominal or pelvic surgery on cecal intubation time: a prospective observational study U. Aday

Differential diagnosis of traditional serrated adenomas and tubulovillous adenomas : a compartmental morphologic and immunohistochemical analysis C. Cansiz Ersöz, S. Kiremitci, B. Savas, A. Ensari

The changing pattern of cirrhosis in Belgium: a study based on two cohorts prospectively collected 15 years apart E. Kaze, O.S. Descamps, J. Henrion

Microvesicular steatosis : a missed item in the management of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease? G. Celebi, A.F. Cicek, H. Gurel, H. Genc, A.Kirik, C.N. Ercin, T. Dogru

Diagnostic value of the choledochal sphericity index in the diagnosis of obstructive cholestasis using magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography I. Inan, M. Sirik

Basket versus balloon extraction for choledocholithiasis : a single center prospective single-blind randomized study K. Ekmektzoglou, P. Apostolopoulos, K. Dimopoulos, P. Tsibouris, C. Kalantzis, E. Vlachou, E. Kalafatis, G. Alexandrakis

Development of pancreatic injuries in the course of COVID-19 C. Akkus, H. Yilmaz, S. Mizrak, Z. Adibelli, O. Akdas, C. Duran

Variability of contrast enhancement of pancreas on computed tomography in patients with acute pancreatitis and isolated extrapancreatic necrosis P. Gupta, N. Verma, J. Samanta, H. Mandavdhare, V. Sharma, S. Kant Sinha, U. Dutta, R. Kochhar

Risk factors for post-ERCP pancreatitis : it depends on the ERCP indication H. Köseoğlu, T. Solakoğlu, M. Başaran, S. Özer Sarı, M. Tahtacı, S. Yaman, E. Selvi, O. Ersoy

Case series

Boerhaave’s syndrome : successful conservative treatment in two patients M.Truyens, E. Hufkens, B. Van Geluwe, P. Vergauwe, W. Van Moerkercke

The switch to biosimilar infliximab as a cause of treatment cessation in 3 paediatric patients with Crohn’s disease S. Vande Velde

A case series of 3 patients with acute colonic pseudo-obstruction after vincristine administration R. Geelen, E. Dubois, A. Verlinden, H. de Schepper


Prevalence of gastrointestinal symptoms in coronavirus disease 2019: a meta-analysis E. Merola, F. Armelao, G. de Pretis

Targeting the gut microbiota to treat alcoholic liver diseases: evidence and promises S. Leclercq, P. de Timary, P. Stärkel

Proteins involved in lipid metabolism as possible biomarkers or predisposing factors for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease A. Oliveros-Montiel, G. Santos-López, V. Sedeño-Monge

Challenges in measuring renal function in liver cirrhosis : are there implications in clinical practice? J. Carvão, J.N. Carvão, V. Pereira, L. Jasmins

Bifurcation of the main pancreatic duct in the body of the pancreas. Two case reports and literature study of a rare anatomical variant of the pancreatic duct L. Krott, D. De Wulf, S. De Coninck, H. Degroote

Case reports

Esophageal stent migration leading to distal small bowel perforation C. Schumacher, G. Decker, F. Ries

Mesenteric panniculitis as a presentation of Whipple’s disease: case report and review of the literature L. Verbrugghe, K. Verraes, S. Vanderschueren, S. Vermeire, S. Pollet, P. De Leyn, F. Vandenbussche, G. De Hertogh


Co-existence of eosinophilic esophagitis and Barrett’s esophagus: a possible association? E. Dias, J. Santos-Antunes, A. Peixoto, R. Gaspar, G. Macedo

Longstanding gastrointestinal symptoms after COVID-19 F. de Clerck

Rituximab as second-line therapy after new direct antiviral agents in peripheral neuropathy Hepatitis C Virus related : always correct therapeutic approach? E. Mauro, P. Passadore, L. Quartuccio, S. De Vita, A. Ermacora, V. Gattei, C. Mazzaro

Clinical images

Membranous colitis: a potentially bone-deep diagnosis M. Bronswijk, T. Ieven, R. Schrijvers, S. Vermeire, C. Breynaert

A rare cause of high liver stiffness B. Delire, M. Komuta, L. Michaux, N. Lanthier

Cholecystoduodenal fistula with gastric outlet obstruction L.-J Wu, D.-Q Yang, J. Chen

Expert Point of View

Current practice in approaching controversial diagnostic and therapeutic topics in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasm management. Belgian multidisciplinary expert discussion based on a modified Delphi method P.-J. Cuyle, K. Geboes, S. Carton, V. Casneuf, J. Decaestecker, M. De Man, G. Demolin, C. M. Deroose, C. De Vleeschouwer, P. Flamen, A. Hendlisz, A. Hoorens, J. Janssens, I. Karfis, W. Lybaert, G. Machiels, E. Monsaert, I. Sinapi, E. Van Cutsem, T. Vandamme, I. Borbath, C. Verslype