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The editors of this journal are pleased to offer electronic publication of accepted papers prior to print publication. These papers can be cited using the date of access and the unique DOI number. Any final changes in manuscripts will be made at the time of print publication and will be reflected in the final electronic version of the issue.

Disclaimer: Articles appearing in this published Early View section have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in this journal and posted online before print publication. Articles appearing here may contain statements, opinions, and information that have errors in facts, figures, or interpretation. Accordingly, AGEB, the editors and authors and their respective employees are not responsible or liable for the use of any such inaccurate or misleading data, opinion or information contained the articles in this section.

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Original articles

Prucalopride in intestinal pseudo obstruction, paediatric experience and systematic review
M. Mutalib, J. Kammermeier, R. Vora, O. Borrelli

A single-centre analysis of post-colonoscopy colorectal cancer
R. Aerts, C. Severi, G. Van Roey, R. Harlet, M. T’Syen, C. Claessens, S. Van Gool, C. Croonen, J. Janssens

Real world management of esophageal ulcers : analysis of their presentation, etiology, and outcomes
D. L. Cohen, A. Bermont, V. Richter, H. Shirin

Practical means of evaluating the prognosis of acute pancreatitis : measurement of carotid artery intima-media thickness
K. Kurkcu, B. Kara, A. S. Koc, S. O. Keskek

Evaluating the accuracy of three international guidelines in identifying the risk of malignancy in pancreatic cysts : a retrospective analysis of a surgical treated population
A. Vanden Bulcke, J. Jaekers, H. Topal, D. Vanbeckevoort, V. Vandecaveye, T. Roskams , B. A. Weynand, J. Dekervel, E. Van Cutsem, H. van Malenstein, C. Verslype, W. Laleman, S. van der Merwe

Efficacy of switching from infliximab to golimumab in patients with ulcerative colitis in deep remission
N. Viazis, C. Pontas, A. Manolakis, G. Karampekos, E. Tsoukali, M. Galanopoulos, K. Koustenis, E. Archavlis, A. Christidou, M. Gazouli, G. J. Mantzaris

Pedunculated colorectal polyps with heads = 1 cm in diameter can be resected using cold snare polypectomy
T. Kudo, A. Horiuchi, I. Horiuchi, M. Kajiyama, A. Morita, N. Tanaka

Effect of physician-provided education on the quality of bowel preparation
B. Dikkanoğlu, A. E. Duman, S. Hülagü

Accuracy and other quality indicators of solid pancreatic mass endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration and biopsy in two academic endoscopy centers
M. Figueiredo, M. Arvanitakis, A. Zaarour, E. Toussaint, J. Devière, J.L. Van Laethem, M. Gomez-Galdon, L. Verset, P. Demetter, P. Eisendrath

Lessons learned about appendiceal neuroendocrine neoplasms from data analysis of the Belgian Cancer Registry 2010-2015
S. Ribeiro, F. De Maeyer, M. De Man, S. Carton, P.J. Cuyle, C. Verslype, I. Borbath, P. Demetter, N. Van Damme, L. Van Eycken, T. Vandamme, K. Geboes, A. Hoorens

Case series

Pneumatosis intestinalis and spontaneous perforation associated with drug toxicity in oncologic patients : a case series
S. Brocchi, A. Parmeggiani, C. Gaudiano, C. Balacchi, M. Renzulli, N. Brandi, F.G. Dall’Olio, K. Rihawi, A. Ardizzoni, R. Golfieri


The role of neuromodulation in chronic functional constipation : a systematic review
N. Pauwels, C. Willemse, S. Hellemans, N. Komen, S. Van den Broeck, J. Roenen, T. Van Aggelpoel, H. De Schepper

Triggers of benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis and its pathophysiology: a review of literature
A. Halawi, N. Ibrahim, R. Bitar

Diagnostic and prognostic scoring systems for autoimmune hepatitis : a review
O. Ducazu, H. Degroote, A. Geerts, J. Schouten, H. Van Vlierberghe, X. Verhelst

Case reports

Misleading clinical presentation of carcinoid syndrome
L. Famerée, C. Van Lier, I. Borbath, H. Yildiz, J. Lemaire, M. Baeck

Regression of multiple hepatocellular adenomas after cessation of oral contraceptive pills : a case report and review of the current literature
G. Moors, H. Poels, V. Vandecaveye, T. Roskams , C. Verslype

Unusual intra-rectal “laterally spreading tumour” in immunosuppressed patient with ulcerative colitis
S. Vieujean, P. Latour, C. Coimbra, P. Delvenne, E. Louis, C. Van Kemseke

Erythema multiforme in the esophagus
J. Vandewalle, P. Van Eyken, M. Struyve