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A cystic lesion mimicking pancreatic neoplasm

Journal Volume 84 - 2021
Issue Fasc.2 - Letters
Author(s) D.A. Zinovkin 1, S.L. Achinovich 2, I.V. Mikhailov 3, E.S. Zinovkina 4, M.Z.I. Pranjol 5
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PAGES 381-382
(1) Department of Pathology, Gomel State Medical University, Gomel, Belarus
(2) Department of Pathology, Gomel Regional Clinical Oncological Clinic, Gomel, Belarus
(3) Department of Oncology, Gomel State Medical University, Gomel, Belarus
(4) Department of Radiology, Gomel City Clinical Polyclinics, Branch ? 2, Gomel, Belarus
(5) School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, UK

A 54-year old male patient was admitted with complaints of periodical pain in the upper abdomen, CA- 19.9-51 U/ml (reference range < 37 U/ml). Blood tests were normal. However, ultrasound scan results revealed growth of a pancreatic tumor over 52×38 mm. A CT scan was performed for further characterization of the lesion. A tumor mass of 54 mm in diameter of the pancreatic body was found. There was no differentiation of lesion border with pancreas body (Fig. 1). Surgical resection was performed without preoperative biopsy following the consensus of the International Study Group of Pancreatic Surgery which states that in the presence of a solid mass suspicious for malignancy, a biopsy proof is not required before proceeding with resection (1). A soft consistence pancreas cyst with pus-like content was resected during surgical operation....

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