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Melanoma of the gallbladder

Journal Volume 86 - 2023
Issue Fasc.3 - Clinical images
Author(s) A. Boca 1, N. Bletard 2, R. Materne 1
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PAGES 505-506
(1) Department of Radiology, Clinique CHC MontLegia, Liege, Belgium
(2) Department of Pathology, Clinique CHC MontLegia, Liege, Belgium

An 80-year-old man, with no medical history, was referred to the gastroenterologist due to cholestasis and altered general condition. Physical examination revealed mild abdominal tenderness in the right hypochondrium, with no other clinical signs. Laboratory examinations showed a cholestasis (gamma-glutamyl transferase: 160 U/L and alkaline phosphatase: 120 U/L) and an elevated CRP level of 25 mg/L. Abdominal MRI was performed (Fig 1, Fig 2A). Subsequently, a PET-CT and brain MRI for seizures (Fig. 2B) were realized.

The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.
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PMID 37814572