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Gastric granular cell tumor in a youth excised by endoscopic submucosal dissection : A case report and literature review

Journal Volume 80 - 2017
Issue Fasc.2 - Case reports
Author(s) Hiroaki Takaya, Hideto Kawaratani, Miki Kaneko, Soichi Takeda, Yasuhiko Sawada, Mitsuteru Kitade, Kei Moriya, Tadashi Namisaki, Masayoshi Sawai, Akira Mitoro, Junichi Yamao, Hitoshi Yoshiji
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(1) Third Department of Internal Medicine, Nara Medical University, Kashihara, Nara, 634-8522, Japan ; (2) Department of Endoscopy and Ultrasound, Nara Medical University, Kashihara, Nara, 634-8522, Japan.

Granular cell tumors (GCTs) usually develop in patients aged 30-50 years in the skin, tongue, and mammary gland, with 5-9% of GCTs occurring on the esophagus, ascending colon, and cecum. We report a case of gastric GCT in a 16-year-old male who presented with nausea and abdominal discomfort. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) revealed an elastic hard and yellowish submucosal tumor of the gastric cardia anterior wall. GCT was suspected upon biopsy ; after total endoscopic submucosal dissection, histology of the resected tumor confirmed the diagnosis. Endoscopic treatment should be considered in youths with GCT. (Acta gastroenterol. belg., 2017, 80, 317-319).

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PMID 29560700