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Collagenous colitis and ileitis under treatment with duloxetine

Journal Volume 75 - 2012
Issue Fasc.4 - Letters
Author(s) Gurhan Sisman, Sevil Sadri, Sebnem Batur, Ahmet Dobrucali
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(1) Department of Gastroenterology, (2) Department of Internal Medicine, (3) Department of Pathology, Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey.

Collagenous colitis (CC) is a disease that causes chronic diarrhea, that could be diagnosed with a normal colonoscopic examination. Diagnosis is based on the histopathologic examination of the mucosa containing thickened subepithelial collagen layer (1). Etiology and pathophsiology of CC are not known exactly (2). In this article, the first case with CC and CI (Collagenous ileitis) associated with duloxetine [Serotonin norephinefrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI)] treatment for major depres- sion is presented.

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PMID 23402093