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Multicentric CD34 negative epithelioid angiosarcoma of the digestive system

Journal Volume 75 - 2012
Issue Fasc.4 - Letters
Author(s) Fabio Pagni, Biagio Eugenio Leone, Susanna Ronchi, Paola Sartori, Luigi Corti, Dario Maggioni
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(1) Department of Pathology ; (2) Department of Surgery and Endoscopy, Desio Hospital, Università Milano Bicocca, DesiO. Italy.

We would like to report a particular case of a gastro- intestinal angiosarcoma that recently occurred in our hospital. A 74-year-old male was referred to our surgical department because of severe anemia due to repeated episodes of melena and right cervical swelling associat- ed with an oral lump of the upper dental arcade which was bleeding profusely (Fig. 1). A gastroscopy showed some haemorrhagic gastric and duodenal polyps, some of which were removed. A colonoscopy revealed the presence of multiple rectal, sigmoid and colonic polyps grossly similar to the gastric ones (Fig. 1). A total body CT scan showed multiple nodules, localized both in peri- toneum, next to duodenum, spleen and mesenteric artery and in retro-peritoneum. Histological examination of gastric and rectal polyps showed epithelioid malignant cells with large clear cytoplasm, pleomorphic nuclei and often an eosinophilic nucleolus.

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PMID 23402097