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Volume 85 - 2022 - Fasc.4 - Letters

Cold snare endoscopic submucosal resection

A 76-year-old lady was referred for resection of a large (50 mm) sigmoidal sessile adenoma (Paris classification IIb, JNET2a, Figure A). After submucosal injection with diluted indigo carmine and adrenaline, the lesion was resected using cold snare piece-meal technique (Captivator 10 mm cold single use snare, Boston). Because of a zone with presumably residual polyp tissue, an additional resection of submucosa was performed (Figure B, arrow). This resection turned out to cut deeper than expected and reached as far as the circular muscles (Figure B, arrowhead). No preventive clips were placed. No complications occurred, there were no immediate or late bleedings.